CSC 465: Selected Topics in Cybersecurity
College of Science and Mathematics
Department of Computer and Computational Sciences

Course Description: This course uses class discussions to develop the student’s understanding of the broad field of cybersecurity. Students will be required to study definitions and cybersecurity theory, as well as to review case studies before class. Students and the instructor will discuss the roles of the “cyber-defender”, the “cyber-attacker”, and the victim in the context of our interconnected world. The relationship between prevention, detection, and investigation will be studied and considered from a political, technological, economical, and criminal justice perspective. The student will gain valuable “hands-on” experience by completing a semester long project. 

The goals of this course are:

  • Students will gain an understanding of the field of cybersecurity, along with its constituent subfields
  • Students will gain an appreciation for the need of highly trained cybersecurity professionals.