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Events 2019

UVI’s main focus is to  train future leaders of tomorrow. The CECOR program is striving to expose and engage students to  computing and cybersecurity fields through summer programs  such as internships at national laboratories, summer camps, workshops, and forums.

Energizing Information and Cyber Innovation Through Collaboration

Four UVI students have been  invited to attend the Cyber Conference. Four UVI students will have  the honor and the privilege to meet with the Representatives from The Department of Energy and discuss  ideas about studies, careers, and interest in cybersecurity.

  • Three  UVI Computer Science students will attend internship programs at Norfolk State University (NSU) and and two students will be participating at Lawrence Livermore National Lab summer 2019. 
  • This is a list of  up-Coming Cyber and Computing Events at UVI

Deadline to apply




June 5th

2 weeks June 17th-26th


Introduction to Cybersecurity: a hardware/software approach

St.Thomas Campus

March 29th

March 30th 

Saturday morning (4 hours)

LegoPI (RaspberryPI)

UVI STT (Lower Campus #103)

April 4th

April 6

Saturday morning (4 hours)

RaspberryPI, Linux, Python, Image Ploting

UVI STT (Lower Campus #103)

June 26th        

July 1th -July 26th

CyberCampVI (incoming  6th to 12th graders)

UVI STT (Lower campus CAB #103)

June 20th 

1 week (July 22-June 26th)

Thunderbird Cup Camp

UVI STT (Lower campus CAB #112)

July 2nd

2 weeks (July 15h-26th)

CyberCampVI ( incoming 9th to 12th graders)

Problem Solving and Coding 

UVI Albert A. Sheen STX

  • Completed Summer Programs   The CECOR program  at UVI has trained more than 150 students Grades 6-16. featured their first set of cybersecurity summer camps, workshops, and forum. To learn more about past summer programs hosted by the CECOR program click here.