Full-Time Employment



One Million Cybersecurity Job Openings in 2016
Based on a CISCO report there will be over one million cybersecurity jobs available as of 2016. With the sudden demand for cyber security professionals, there is a high probability for students to land their dream jobs. When pursuing a job opportunity, students should consider several keys factors:

1. What field of work  holds your interest?
2. Are you willing to pursue higher education?
3. What are the required certification to be considered for the job.

Once these questions are put into perspective, consider talking to UVI's CECOR faculty members for more assistance.

The UVI CECOR faculty members work efficiently to prepare students for the cybersecurity workforce. The  Cybersecurity Scholars Program at UVI acts a platform for students. Through this program students are able to speak with cybersecurity professionals, are given the opporturnity to attend national conferences, and are required to learn the fundatmentals of the cybersecurity field. To learn more about the efforts UVI CECOR faculty members are doing to establish students click here

CECOR Partners Job Opportunities
The following laboratories and organizations are helping students who are graduating with a degree in cybersecurity and cybersecurity professionals find jobs:

  • Sandia National Laboratories
    Over 110+ full-time employment opportunities are to students and professions by the Sandia National Laboratories. For more information about jobs offered by this laboratory click here.  
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory
    Los Alamos National Laboratory offers a wide range of job opportunities for students with cybersecurity majors. For more information on job offered by this laboratory click here.
  • Lawrence Livermore National Lab
    With over 239+ opportunities to start a career at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, students can put their cybersecurity experience to use and make a difference with more of the top laboratories in the nation. For more information on job opportunities click here.
  • USJobs
    Visiting the USJobs website will help aid in the search for IT and cybersecurity jobs in the United States of American Federal Government. To start the search for jobs click here.