Building Cybersecurity Understanding

The CECOR Progam at UVI doesn't only want to teach students about the fundamentals of cybersecurity, but wants the community to understand how to stay safe on the Internet.

Guiding Middle School Students
Middle schoolers are offered online tools and games to learn the basics of programming, from designing web pages to building mobile applications. Gaining skills at an early age can help students have more opportunities to attend events and conferences later in the educational career. For more information on what the CECOR Program is doing for middle schoolers click here

Gaining Cybersecurity Experiences in High School
High school students considering a college education and show interest in the cybersecurity field, may want to consider taking part in the Consortium Enabling Cybersecurity Opportunities & Research (CECOR) program at the University of the Virgin Islands. The CECOR program at UVI provides countless programs to help high schoolers in the Virgin Islands. For more information on the opportunities offered to high school students click here

Undergraduate Opportunities
The internships provided by partnered laboratories are designed to give current students an opportunity to work alongside the top scientist and cyber leaders this nation has to offer. Student interns will apply concepts, protocols and tools to real world problems. Start exploring the fascinating field of cybersecurity through the UVI CECOR Cybersecurity Scholars Program by clicking here

Faculty Members Interested in Cybersecurity
Becoming aware of the sites visited on the Internet can decrease your chances of identity thief and fraud, but as an educator it's also important to teach your students the same habits. There are many educators who can simple show students how the internet works, but an educator who cares about the safety of their students will consider teaching them what "Online Safety" is all about. For more information on what faculty members can do to help their students safely browse the Internet click here