Receive Cybersecurity Experience While Obtaining an Undergraduate Degree at UVI

With the increase in demand for cyber security professionals, students will have the opportunity to apply for a CECOR cybersecurity stipend while completed their degree students. Having a STEM degree with a specialization in cybersecurity will afford students with skills and expertise to land dream well-paid job. There are many avenues for undergraduate students to adventure into the field of cybersecurity. Internships and research experience programs are designed to provide current students an opportunity to work alongside top  scientists and cyber security leaders. 

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Work Before Graduation

Talk to CECOR Program faculty and staff to learn more about job opportunities and skills required careers pathways.

Important  keys factors to consider before graduation:

  1. What field of work  holds your interest?
  2. Are you willing to pursue higher education?
  3. What are the required certification to be considered by employers?

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