Why the Internet is Important and How to Avoid Dangers on the Internet
The Internet can be used to talk to family and friends, play video games, download music and even help parents pay for bills. While the Internet may seem like a fun place, there are many dangers that come with being online. By joining the CECOR program, middle schoolers can become aware of the dangers that the Internet holds and what can be done to protect themselves from cyber threats.

You can follow the same rules online as you do in real life, such as:

A Cybersecurity Privacy Story
Follow the trials and tribulations of Tim as a seemingly innocent piece of digital information threatens to ruin his life when it falls into the wrong hands. This is an extreme case and only acts as a warning for Internet users to be careful.

Programming Can Help You Understand How the Internet Works
While staff members in the CECOR program warn middle schoolers about the dangers of the Internet, they also teach students how to program. Through programming middle schoolers can understand parts of the Internet and how those parts help the Internet work.

Learning to program can start at any age. Middle schoolers are offered online tools and games to learn the basics of programming, from designing web pages to building mobile applications. The students will learn to program in a variety of ways.

Cybersecurity Summer Camp: CyberCampVI
UVI‘s CECOR program plans to use online tools and games to create a cybersecurity summer camp called CyberCampVI. This is a four-week summer program for incoming 6th to 8th graders who are interesting in programming and want to become protectors of the Internet. This program will introduce basic Cyber Security concepts and hands-on experiences. With hands-on experiences they are trained on a competitive level to compete in the Cyber Patriot competition. Click here for more information on the summer programs provided by the CECOR program at UVI.